Sunday, April 19, 2009

55 mile solo ride

Rode out from my house to the Silver Comet trail.  10 miles to the trail, 22 miles on the trail then Old Lost Mountain Road to my Tour de W. Cobb route.  

For the most part, I was pretty much just seeking some saddle time.  I like the comet because there are other riders to watch, other people watching opportunities and because it's flat, there is no rest, you have to keep your crank turning all the time.

Once off the Comet and onto Old Lost Mountain Road, I came across a few Garage Sales.  I wheeled into a few of them but didn't see anything that I just couldn't live with out but enjoyed the diversions.   

I started this ride in the early morning and with a chill in the air, I dressed accordingly with wind pants, shoe covers and long sleeve undershirt and long sleeve jersey.  At this point in the ride I was ok but as the ride wore on, it got warmer and I could feel the sweat under my layers.

I took a diversion off my normal route from Mars Hill Road to Hancock Road which runs into Stilesboro Road of my original route.  I think I might make this a permanent change, Hancock has less traffic and my not so favorite parts of Stilesboro are bypassed.  Back on Stilesboro the road construction guys were hard at work installing new curbing and from the concrete dust that was everywhere,my red tires were turning a light gray.  Passing by one of the neon vested workers, I notices him bending down with his pocket knife digging something out of some old road tar, looked like a penny to me.  Times aren't that hard, are they?  

I soon was upon my favorite part of Stilesboro, the downhill section to Barrett Parkway, but by now I was feeling the effects of my saddle time and just wanted to get through it.  One more Garage sale stop then on through Kennasaw Nat. Battlefield Park, then home.  The final push included a climb up Burnt Hickory that always slows me down but once over that I was home free.  

Total time:  3:29:51, Avg. Speed:  15.8 mph.

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